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The Benefits

What are the benefits of Speaking with Confidence?

The value of being able to speak in public is essential if you are going to be able to communicate your ideas, feelings and values in a calm confident manner.

The ability to express yourself with confidence and clarity will open up far more possibilities for yourself than you even realise now.

The expression of yourself through your voice will enable you to be not only seen but also heard.

Whether you are shy and retiring or brash and up front, proficiency in public speaking will help you to reach your objectives.

To succeed in any endeavour we have to make our mark. We have to stand out. There is no one way to do this. Vive la difference! Your personality and style will influence how you achieve this. The opportunities that open up for you will also have an impact. The goals you choose, the passion you have for them and the timescale you set will also be important. However what will put you ahead of the rest is being able to get up and speak well in front of others.

Do not let self-doubt and fear hold you back.

It certainly will be a major boost to your career. You will find that you might be more than a little embarrassed by the influence and gravitas it gives you. You will be perceived as more interesting and this is very attractive to people - watch your group of friends grow.

However, the biggest impact will be on your confidence.

Nothing sets you up to make your impact on society quite like the ability to speak up in public. It is the tool that can magnify whatever you are trying to do. Others stop, turn and take notice of you, what you stand for, what you have to say.

Even the quietest mouse can roar!

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