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ASC - Our Purpose

Become a better speaker, better presenter and better leader

Promote Speaking in Public 

The ASC is dedicated to the support and development of a most important life skill -  speaking in public. We do this through a well structured programme developed over many years that has the remarkable ability to cope with any person, regardless of their initial frame of mind or their abilities.


However, the bed rock of good public speaking is confidence. By evolution, rather than design, our approach has become one of the best, no-nonsense ways of enhancing the general confidence of anyone. Whether your style is intuitive or you are a hard nosed, practical person, our course will accommodate you.

Nothing happens in society without confidence. Ideas and actions need the correct environment of confidence to be born and incubated. Confidence is the oxygen of persistence, drive and effort.

Latent Energy, Talent and Potential

Our purpose at its most profound is to be the catalyst to unlock latent energy, talent and potential. In this we are always successful. How successful is mostly up to you.

The most common member's complaint is that they had not discovered ASC years ago. This recognises the lost opportunities in their earlier lives.

At any one time we have around 2,000 members. If all had discovered ASC some 10 years earlier, 20,000 years of untapped energy, talent and potential would have been realised. This would have benefited our members but also society at large.

In such a "cool" age it may sound unfashionable. However ASC takes pride in helping others. It is our purpose.

We help unlock their latent energy, talent and potential.

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