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How is this Achieved

The Manual

The ASC has a comprehensive manual that covers all your educational development while you are a member. The Manual consist of 10 basic speech assignment, which when followed, provides a logical development for the your confidence building skills.   This will take you from novice to experienced and then to advanced levels of ability. It also includes a lot of useful information and tips that cover just about every requirement you will ever have. 


Your education starts with a 10 step programme that ends with you giving your masterpiece speech. This speech incorporates all your new skills from the programme. By this time you will be comfortable speaking in public and you will be impressive. Your education does not stop there. If you continue with the club you can go onto advanced assignments.

Each step in the basic programme is a logical progression in the learning process and you are asked to concentrate on one new facet of the speaker's tool kit per assignment.
You will be able to give speeches in public long before you finish this programme and you are encouraged to speak outside the club as well as at our meetings.

Another area and one you most likely fear the most is being asked to speak without warning. Our topics sessions are great at helping you here. At every meeting there is a topics sessions where a few members are asked to speak for 2-3 minutes on a subject.
As your confidence grows and you are reassured by the supportive atmosphere of the club you will be happy to take this on.

This is where the real value of the club comes in to play. After every speech or topic you are evaluated on your performance. A typical evaluation covers your strong points and will give some guidance in areas that could be improved.
You might think this sounds daunting but nothing could be further from the truth. Also you will start to give evaluations when you reach the second half of your development programme.

How long with this take?
To complete all 10 assignments varies depending on your desired timescale and the size of the club. It will most likely take more than a year. Typically you will complete your masterpiece within two years but if you want to go at a slower pace there is no pressure to complete the programme.

This timescale can sound a little long for someone with specific goals. Do not fear!
You do not have to finish the programme before you speak in public. Within 8 - 12 meetings you will be well prepared for specific speech engagements. If you have specific need then you can also be fast tracked through the assignments.

However the long timescale is a powerful feature of ASC clubs. No commercial training course can give you this. In short, it takes time to take in your new skills and get them burned into your belief in yourself. Just as riding a bike has skills that become natural, so it is with speaking. This cannot happen over a day or two day course.