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National Competition Winners
1 - Andrew Western - North Cheshire SC - western District
2 - Stephen Dance - Newport SC - SSWest
3. - Ian Price - Redhill & Reigate SC - SE District

1. Chris Clissitt - Wetherby SC - Eastern District
2. David Thomas - Derby & District SC - Midlands
3. Sue Shaw - West Kent SC - SE District

1. - Dilwyn Scott - StourbridgeSC - Midlands
2. - Vic Emmerson - Cockermouth SC - N W District
3. - Mike Douse - Brecon SC - SSWest District

National Conference 2015
This year the conference will be held at the Prince of Wales  Hotel Southport on 24-25 and 26 April 2015

National Conference 2013
A successful conference was held at the Thistle Hotel East Midlands Airport Castle Donnington over the weekend of 26thh, 27 and 28th April 2013.  The winner of the National Topics Competition was Michael Ronayne giving a winning speech on the topic of "Set".  The winner of the Speech competition was Chris Clissitt with a speech entitled "The Problem with Solutionism."  The Evaluation Competition was won by Susan Allen from Stockport Ladies Club, a club in our own Western District.
Blackburn Castle came away with some silverware.  We won the coveted Fraiser Trophey for the club with the largest increase in membership over the year.
Posted 29/04/2013
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